Throughout my experience I’ve found that the largest boost from your current plateau of audience size, traffic and sales come from a detailed audit of your brand that your team can apply as they plan for the upcoming year. Emile is happy to present these packaged experiences as a service to companies within the fashion, arts and cultural spaces.

How does it work?

Data Analysis - We will take a look at your current data and help you understand trends and important benchmarks you may be overlooking

Audience Reports - Across all your channels we will pull together an extensive audience report that helps you understand your key demographic for engagement vs. sales and give you insight on possible collaboration audiences that make sense for your brand

Competitor Comprehension - We will report and make suggestions based on a competitor analysis that helps you see missing gaps in your offerings (content and product) that will assist you in moving ahead

Channel Health - Whether you’ve plateaued on social or can’t seem to raise sessions there is usually missing pieces in certain channels that aren’t serving you. We will create a guide book to all the missing opportunities per medium including the following and more:

  • Email

  • Social

  • Platform software and apps

  • IRL / Events

Visual Success - Nailing your visual identity that sets you apart is at the core of our ethos. Whether you’re still searching or trying to increase engagement while staying true to your voice we will work with you on making sure your content investments make the mark

Multi-Stage Progress Manual - At the end of our time together we will compile all reporting and findings, as well as feedback received and deliver a manual for how you can move ahead across departments with an emphasis in brand growth

Megan is able to view a concept holistically and execute her vision on a granular level; she has the ability to zoom in and out with equal attention to quality and budget and can process ideas from both a business and creative perspective. I think her knack for branding/marketing came from her editorial roots— she simply understands art and culture from a 360 perspective and can communicate a cohesive message clearly across multiple platforms.
— Erin Dennison, Creative Director of The Wall Group

Clients and Past Work:

Pari Desai | LCD | Stone & Strand | Milk Makeup | Vrai & Oro | The Dreslyn | The Standard Hotels